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5 Signs It's Time to Save Your Relationship!

Is everything that bad? 

The desire for self-improvement is what consumes all your energy and badly influences your romance. 

Working on yourself is something that should bring joy and positive results! And instead of this, everything you’ve gained transforms into a misunderstanding of your partner, quarrels in the family, a lack of intimacy.
You ask: "Is it possible to revive our relationship?" because you "love" each other. So how do you know when it's time to give up on your relationship?
👉 5 Signs It's Time to Save a Relationship:
• more than 50% of the time you fight
• sex is less than once a week
• you are not laughing together, you are bored
• you do not touch or look at each other during the day
• you have no common goals and plans
Check how many points are about you!

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Sex and relationship coach who works with people dealing with issues of sexual trauma and sexual disorders.

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