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Best Poses for Masturbation


How to Have Sex with Yourself?

New positions – new feelings. Here is a full instruction on how to give love to yourself!
Today is a good day to hug the most precious person - yourself. And to give love with your own hands.
The right pose is very important in masturbation. it depends on how much pleasure you feel. Many people get stuck in a traditional missionary pose.
We have prepared several positions for you to try.
1. On a chair. Sit on a chair and spread your legs wide. Take a vibrator and start fondling the vulva: go over all the creases, lips, clitoris. You can move your hips to the beat. It will be cool to place the chair in front of the mirror.
2. Doggy style for one. Lie on the bed and put pillows under your stomach. In this position, the vibrator enters the vagina at the correct angle and there is more chance of an internal orgasm. Squeeze your thighs to heighten the sensation.
3. Above. If you have a dildo that can be fixed to the floor, you can squat down, simulating a riding pose. Don't forget to stimulate your clitoris.
4. On the pillow. Sit astride and squeeze it between your legs. Start moving your hips back and forth from side to side. If you feel uncomfortable, change your pillow to a softer one. Masturbation is best done in panties.
Try these poses and enjoy time with yourself❤️

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