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How to Get a Bright Orgasm in 5 Minutes?

How to Bring Pleasure to Yourself?

Learn about the Mindful Masturbation Technique to bring unforgettable pleasure to yourself...
Do you know the term "masturdating"? It means a date with yourself.
And this is a completely different approach to masturbation when you don’t feel ashamed of bringing pleasure to yourself, when you are ready for self-love and self-examination.
Masturbation is about self-love and the desire to know more about yourself: to reveal new erogenous zones, relax, and know what you like in bed. In our course Sleeping Beauty — how to awaken woman’s orgasms, we will also talk about masturbation, stimulation of the clitoris and the whole body, the practice of clitoral and vaginal massage, techniques that increase sensitivity. We also talk about how to practice safe solo sex so that you can be relaxed with your partner. This course is the first conceptual course on female orgasms, where you discover your sexuality step by step.
Today we share with you the technique, which will turn solo sex into meditation. ⠀  
🌿Start with attention. Be aware of all sounds, feel your body, look at yourself. Now focus on the vagina and vulva, and don't pay attention to everything around you.
🌿Create an atmosphere. It definitely shouldn't be porn, but rather a warm bath, delicate aromas. Move slowly, because you are in no hurry.
🌿Start with basic things. Don't grab onto the vibrator right away. Get to know your body consistently and with your own hands. Take your time to touch the vulva, touch the whole body, reveal new hot zones. Learn how you feel when you touch your nipples or inner thighs.
🌿Think about your partner. Imagine how he/she looks at you, how his/her hands are stroking you, savor the sensations.
🌿Do not limit yourself in thoughts: maybe you are turned on by having sex with two men, or you want to feel abducted.
Mindful masturbation is important! ⠀

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We talk a lot about sensuality and sexuality in our course "Sleeping Beauty — how to awaken woman’s orgasms".

You will achieve the most powerful and lustful orgasms ;)


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