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How to Rekindle Passion in Your Relationship?

Bring Your Connection Back

Loss of passion and sexual attraction is one of the most common problems in long-term relationships.

Sometimes partners are truly close and sincerely love each other, but gradually friendship is supplanting love.
Sounds familiar?

And in this case, it is important to take action!

What can you do to rekindle passion?

Study sex
Sexual desires are changeable. You have been together for a long time, and your preferences can definitely change because your personality changes.

Talk openly about desires
Start with the "I" messages.
"I feel ...", "I would like to ...", "I see it this way, but what about you?"

Consider which of your obsessive thoughts you want to get rid of
"Only men are active in sex"
"I cannot refuse, he will be offended"
"The old and proven are always better than the new"

Separate sex from everyday life
Evening, candles, beautiful lights - oh yeah, this your sex time ;)
Unusual places and situations can help reignite passion.

Try to follow these tips to bring attraction, attention, passion, understanding, attraction, drive, warmth" back to your relationship.

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