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How to Relax in Bed and Enjoy Sex?

This is a common problem!

Do you constantly think about how you look during sex? Can't relax and have orgasms?

Imagine that you don’t think about how you look in one position or another but simply enjoy sex.

Woman in Leopard Print Panty Sitting on Bed

How can you achieve this? 

  • Body acceptance.

Mirror practice will help with this. For 21 days, you should regularly examine your naked body, without judgment and with great gratitude. Gradually, hatred will be replaced by body love.

  •  Start taking care of the body.

When you care about something, your intrinsic value automatically rises. You feel worthy - your partner's love, great sex, [email protected] You can regularly do breathing exercises and intimate gymnastics exercises to take care of your body.

  • Watch over your body.

Ask yourself: what does my body feel at this moment? What kind of touch do I enjoy? It helps switch from worrying thoughts to current feelings.

  • Immerse yourself ​​into FEELING.

When you constantly control how you look during sex, you forget about the main thing - FEEL. Immerse yourself in sex with your head and turn off all extraneous thoughts - my recipe for orgasms.

  • Experiment in bed.

Sex experiments are like walking the same road to work and then changing the route. It spices things up, refreshes sensations in sex, and prevents the brain from trying to control everything 😉

Hope these films will encourage you to experiment in bed😉

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