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How to Use Pillow in Sex Games for Enhancing Your Pleasure?

How to Use Pillow in Your Sex Games?

  Spice things up with an ordinary pillow!

If you suffer from insomnia but you have a pillow and a loved one nearby, then why not spend time with benefit? We have prepared several positions for you, in which the pillow is part of your hot games.
1️⃣ Deep Dive
Our favorite missionary position will sparkle with new colors if you add pillows to it. Place them under your hips to bring them up to your partner's pelvis. The man is kneeling in front of you.  And you throw your ankles on his shoulders and let him go deep into you. Stimulate the head of the clitoris at this moment for the ultimate thrill.
2️⃣ Valley of Fire
Here he is already resting. The partner is reclining, you put several pillows under his back, and under his hips, and under his knees too. And you sit on it with your back turned. Then he will be able to enter you at an unusual angle, and the internal stimulation will be even more intense.
3️⃣ Crazy triangle
You need pillows, what a surprise! Fold them in a triangle and place your partner sideways on them. And you lie on your back perpendicular to his body. The benefit of this pose is your free hand. So don't waste your time and caress your clitoris.
4️⃣ Deep Doggy
This is similar to the same old doggy style. Place your knees on the edge of the bed with pillows underneath. Your hips should be at the level of your partner's pelvis. Find a comfortable position, stretch your arms on either side so you can hold onto the bed and not fall into an orgasmic coma.

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