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Negative Emotions in a Relationship. How to Deal with Them?

Emotions in a Relationship

Why do you feel anger, aggression, irritation?

Have you ever noticed that you really liked a person at the beginning of a relationship (any type of relationship), and then you were angry with him because of different daily staff?

But in order not to hurt him and save the relationship, you didn’t tell him about your emotions. And after a while, your love interest began to annoy you very much.

A lot of good friendships were ruined because of this. And when it happens to you, you may think that it was other people’s fault and their actions led to the collapse of your friendship.

But it was not. It's about your emotions that these actions cause.

If you are experiencing a certain emotion (for example, anger), and you are trying to hide it and act like everything is normal, then the other person will most likely still notice it because many people perfectly catch the change in emotions.

🟡 this anger will remain inside you if you don’t express it in any way. And after some time, when all unspoken and unexpressed emotions will result in a snowball of anger, irritation.

We are often afraid of negative emotions.
They can serve us well if we only talk about them to people (in a calm way, in the format of I-messages).
This is how intimacy and openness grow.

If you try to build all your relationships only in this way, it gives you a lot of freedom. Freedom from anger, irritation, and all other unpleasant emotions. The freedom to be yourself🙏🏻

Hope you will like the technique!

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