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Never Say These Words in Bed in Order Not to Kill Sexual Desire


Words are powerful. One word can leave a mark on your memory forever. Words have a great influence on self-perception and social communication.

From early childhood, social rules, prohibitions, restrictions have been forming in our subconscious. The main task of the brain is to survive in the environment where we grow.

This is fixed in the bundle:
✔️sensations in the body
✔️behavior patterns

For example, a man says to a woman “what an ass”, or “sexy bitch”. The man considers this a compliment. While the woman's response is "Am I fat?" or “Do I look vulgar?” She begins to feel resentment, anger, self-pity and begins to move away from her partner. All this has a detrimental effect on her self-esteem and perception of herself.

People’s reactions to a certain word can be different: negative, positive, or neutral. It depends on the upbringing, life experience, and interpretation of your experience.

Automatic vicious circle: a WORD = your RESPONSE! Since you have it fixed in a positive or negative connection.

❓ Have you ever wondered how words can ruin your sexual desire and provoke disgust in sex?

“When will you finally cum?”,
“Is that all? Is this all you are capable of?",
"I've never had orgasms with you,"
"Let’s do it fast",
"Bitch, slut"

And there are many more of them...

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