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Orange Color for a More Sensual and Happy Life

How Are Your Harmony and the Perception of Color Connected?

How often do you see the orange color? How do you feel about it? Do you think it’s screaming and aggressive or, on the contrary, energizing?

Working through your blocks and clamps, you begin to include orange color into your life. Bright stone jewelry, clothes, accessories appear in your life. You no longer hesitate to draw attention to yourself, to show your sexuality and sensuality.

Why do we mean that through inner work the perception of color changes?

Orange is our Svadhisthana, the chakra, which is responsible for accepting our uniqueness, enjoying the feminine nature, slowing down and relaxing🥰

Often women deny their nature and have complexes, blocks, treat themselves badly. If you are unable to defend your position, neglect your body, feel shy in bed, this all means you have a weak chakra.

The disclosure of Svadhisthana through color and special practices makes a woman's life more harmonious. She accepts and loves her body, listens to herself, has a sensual closeness with her partner, and is in love with life. Such a woman burns with energy and passion.

So, pay attention to your choice of colors!

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