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Are You Jealous of Your Partner's Past?

What to Do If You Feel Jealous of Your Partner's Past Relationships?

There are different types of jealousy that can ruin your relationship. 

The first option is when this type of jealousy appears because of your memories of your former partners whom you have not forgotten but entered into a current relationship being emotionally and energetically still attached to the past.

It is important to understand whether you are ready for a new relationship.

This should be a conscious and balanced decision - until you let go of the past, you will not be happy in the present.

The second option is jealousy of the past of the current partner - wives, children, etc. There is someone else between you; your attention is directed to your partner’s past, you compare yourself to them. Why is this happening?

  • Distrust in a relationship
  • Injuries and bad experiences
  • Low self-esteem

You feel super anxious in this relationship. You try to control everything, but you cannot. You need an eternal reminder that you are loved.

In a relationship, balance is good, but one partner becomes a weak side in this particular situation, and another becomes a strong one. The weak side experiences fear and loses its "value" in the eyes of the strong. The weak side constantly aches for attention and care, and this approach can destroy the relationship.

But do not forget about the existence of adequate jealousy; when the partner has a very close relationship with someone in an inadequate way, this violates your personal boundaries. It's different with an ex-wife and children. You need to understand that they will be present throughout your partner’s life.

❗️Work on your self-esteem, build boundaries, have healthy communication and dialogue with your partner.

Do not lose yourself; otherwise, you will become the weak side.

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