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Sex Etiquette Tips Every Person Should Follow

Do you have good manners in sex?

We almost never talk about it...

The etiquette of intimate relationships is very important. And many of us simply do not know the main rules in bed and get into awkward situations.

Let's shed light on some important points:

✔️Leave all your affairs outside the bedroom. If one of the partners is dealing with work issues by phone during intercourse, then what kind of intimacy can we talk about?

✔️Do not stick to the same poses and techniques. Are you sure you'll enjoy sex that follows the same pattern every time? There are already enough routines in this life.

✔️Don't be silent! If you like/dislike something, or if you want something, say it. This is how you make your sex better.

✔️Listen to your partner and develop sensitivity and observation. Be interested in your partner’s desires and remember what they like.

✔️ Maintain good hygiene. It’s very important.

✔️Pay attention to your underwear. Aesthetics excites ;)

✔️Do not be embarrassed to plan sex from time to time. Otherwise, there is a risk that you will not notice how this important activity will fall out of your life😒

You can also add your own points to the list ;)

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