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Sex in the Bathroom

Add some novelty to your love life!

How to turn bathing into a wonderful erotic adventure?

Add some novelty to your love life

What you’ll need: ⠀
1. Spacious bathroom so that his knees don't rest on your face ⠀
2. Intimate soap or natural shower gel, soft sponge
3. Shower towel and free time

Oh, and it’s better to take your children to grandma, I think you already understood😉

What you should do:
💖Take a warm bath and add the sea salt to it. Prepare glasses of champagne, place candles at a safe distance. When everything is ready, call him for a shower. ⠀
💖Start from the top. Gently soap his neck and head, do it smoothly, massage the top of his head. By the way, this is how you save him from baldness.
💖 Pass your claws along the back, knead the collar zone, ears and the occipital fossa - all these are erogenous zones. ⠀
💖 Get down and massage his stomach with a sponge. Get to the pubis and run your naughty fingers below. But do not overuse, otherwise, the bathing will quickly end in bed. 💖 Give him a foot massage. Did you know that the 2 main erect points are near the heel?

It's your turn.
✨First, let him see how you wash yourself. This is a secret male fantasy, just don't let him touch. Watch, but don't touch. ⠀
✨ Let him play with your hair - this is a real fetish for men. Let him braid them or gently stroke your head. ⠀
✨Allow him to rub himself with a scrub, apply the gel on your chest, lather your back, and let this affection be mutual. ⠀

Well, then you know what to do: go to the bedroom and continue the wet foreplay with sex.


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