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5 Ways to Improve Your Erection

Learn how to prolong your sex...

A healthy lifestyle and harmony are the key ingredients to good sexual health. Follow these simple rules and forget about the problems with erection!
So, how can you improve your erection?
💓Healthy sleep and good nutrition. It's obvious, but we want you to remember that it really works. Stress, fast food, and lack of sleep kill your sexual health.
💓Regular sex. This is a law: the more sex you have, the longer an erection can last and the fewer chances of overexcitation and premature ejaculation.
💓Start-stop technique. It helps with premature ejaculation and means that you stop right before orgasm. And you practice such a delayed orgasm several times - first during masturbation, then in sex with your partner.
💓 Orgasm ring. There are 3 magic points on the penis, and by pinching them you can stimulate an erection. It can be used in sex when the erection subsides.
💓 Cream for prolonging erection. It gives a cooling effect. And there is one magic cream, which gives the effect of ice-Flame. When a partner enters you, he feels warmth, exits - cold. This swing helps to prolong sex. ⠀
💓Erection can also be positively affected by intimate gymnastics. Yes, men also have intimate muscles that are important and need to be strengthened.

And you can also prolong your sex with the help of our tutorials! 

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