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What Are the Signs of an Abuser?

Does it really exist?

For most people, it is important to be good at sex. But what is good and what is bad?

An abuser is a person who treats another person in a cruel, violent, or unfair way.

An abuser is manipulative. He can detect your weak spots and push the right buttons to influence people. Even a very psychologically savvy person can fall into the trap of an abuser. Breaking a strong personality and subordinating it to his will seems to be very attractive for an abuser.

It all starts off nicely, because most abusers are pretty successful, financially stable, charming, and can make an impression.

Abusers usually say nice compliments to hook the victim. Then they begin to act worse and observe the partner's reaction to their unhealthy behavior. No matter how hard you try you will never be able to satisfy them.

There are several types of relationships with the abuser:⠀
🔻Physical - beating, hitting, slapping, and any use of force to impose their will.
🔻Sexual - violence, inducement to certain actions of a sexual nature, refusal of sexual intercourse, sexual blackmail.
🔻Economic - abuser's control of material resources, a ban on employment, limitation of the victim in money, up to complete deprivation of livelihood.
🔻Psychological - a form of violence against the psyche - criticism, verbal aggression (blackmail, threats, abuse), ignorance, manipulation, neglect.

An abuser is a person with a traumatized psyche who enjoys the moral or physical pain of his victim. Hormone changes caused by nervous tension and "emotional swings" cause diabetes, thyroid problems, and skin problems.

Getting out of such a relationship is very difficult but it’s 100% possible. Don’t isolate yourself in this relationship!

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