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The Art of Seduction - How to Drive Your Partner Crazy?

Kisses, sexy look, spicy food - what works for you and your partner?

How to drive a partner wild and make them crazy about you?😉
Seduction is a game. It is important to enjoy the process of seduction yourself. Your mood should not change if a person doesn’t enter the game.

To seduce a person, we can play with five senses:

1️⃣ Eyes. A lot of people are visual. A lot depends on how you look and move. We advise you to prepare in advance and choose a special look: erotic lingerie, corsets, stockings, or special costumes from the sex shop.

Do not forget that all people have different preferences. Find out what exactly your partner likes and use it!

2️⃣ Ears. Our voice has tremendous power. Not only what you say is important, but also HOW you say it. Flirt, say how much you want your partner and what you are going to do with him or her tonight.

3️⃣ Nose. If you want to seduce, the smell of sex should be in the house! There are many aromas that promote arousal. For example, rose essential oil, neroli, patchouli, cinnamon, and many others.

4️⃣ Taste. Before a spicy evening, give preference to aphrodisiac products, such as seafood. Dinner should be light, it is important not to overeat. 

5️⃣ Skin. When you pass by a person, use all kinds of touch and tactile contact — kisses, light bites.

The main thing is to be excited and ready to experiment! You will definitely find something that your person will be crazy about.

What are your favorite senses for seduction? Choose some options for you and use them!
1. Eyes
2. Ears
3. Nose
4. Taste
5. Skin

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