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Are You Getting Sexually Aroused While Being Tickled?

Tickling for pleasure!

Tickling is a mild stimulation through multiple touches of small areas of the skin. In BDSM, this practice is referred to as a sexual fetish that gives pleasure to both partners.

Tickling various parts of the body stimulates the hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for body temperature, hunger, and sexual behavior.
Therefore, tickling has an arousing effect on many people.

Such touches cause various involuntary reactions. People can laugh, smile, squeal, cry, or just experience pleasure. Some partners tickle each other to deepen intimacy and strengthen relationships, others express love with the help of tickling. In BDSM, this can be a variant of sexual torture or punishment.
Try to tickle your partner - it will help both of you relax and have fun in bed ;)

Tickling technique 🔻
Variety is important! We recommend touching multiple body parts. Another effective way to achieve the desired reaction is to diversify your touches. It all depends on your imagination. Sometimes light scratching or even stroking with a rough object works.


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