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TOP 5 Positions for Female Pleasure

Do you wanna achieve the brightest orgasms of your life?

These poses will help you get the most out of your sex!

1. A woman lies on her stomach, the pelvis is raised (put a pillow under the hips). She gets pleasure because, in this position, the male penis touches the G zone directly. Experiment with the height of the pelvis, the position of the legs and the body. You can just leave your pelvis motionless or move towards your partner.

2. Knee-elbow or knee-carpal. The main rule is to arch your back and not to slouch! Try spreading your legs wider/bring them narrower or cross them. The position of the body can also be changed: move closer to your partner or further away from him.

3. A woman on top. Do not be afraid to sit on a man with all your weight, you definitely won’t crush him!  In this position, a woman has the opportunity to adjust the position of her body and control her pleasure. Try tilting your body closer to your partner or further away. Don’t move up and down, make a “swing” with your pelvis back and forth. A man can connect to the process and make active movements.

4. A man is sitting, a woman is on top. A man can control the girl's pelvis while she leans her hands on a man and can control the intensity and her own pleasure.

5. A woman lies on her back and receives oral caresses from a man. In this position, a woman can concentrate on her feelings without being distracted by extraneous things. Guide a man and tell you where and how you feel good.

Every woman is unique and has different anatomy and a different cycle. For example, at the beginning of the cycle, you may feel good in some positions, and at the end in completely different ones. That’s fine!

Experiment and find what you like!


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