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Is There REALLY Such A Thing As Bad Sex?

Does it really exist?

For most people, it is important to be good at sex. But what is good and what is bad?

Many people are afraid that someone can tell them how bad sex with them was.

Does objectively bad, «failed» sex exist?
Yes, it is the one where your partner forces you to do something and does not listen to you.

The rest is a matter of taste.

One person will be obsessed with hour-long foreplay, and the other will fall asleep after 20 minutes.

For some people, sex without penetration is not sex at all, and for others, it’s the best kind of sex.

Some will admire a loud and eccentric partner, others will drink chamomile tea after sex with such a partner.

There are no people who are absolutely "good" at sex for everyone. Bad sex is the sex that does not suit a particular person.

like Thailand. like Hawaiian pizza. Someone loves it, and someone thinks “who can really like this?”.

“Bad” sex is one where tastes and preferences do not match. and that's okay!

We are not born to please everyone ♥️ And we don’t need to try to achieve it!

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