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Your Body Needs Orgasms!

Why are Orgasms So Important?

Sex is not only pleasurable...
But it's also extremely good for your physical and mental health!
❣️It gives you emotional release. Having sex and achieving orgasms is a great way to forget about your daily worries and relieve stress and anxiety. 
❣️It improves blood circulation. Without good blood circulation, you can face some problems: irregular cycle, painful menstruation, neoplasms. ⠀
❣️It boosts your energy. Yes, regular sex helps your deal with your lack of energy, extreme fatigue, and exhaustion
We all have different sexual potential and different needs for sex. ⠀
But sex is not a universal recommendation. We met a woman who went through a difficult divorce, where she was betrayed (and there was violence included). And we advised her to do intimate gymnastics - and she got the same effect: blood circulation improved, energy and emotional charge appeared. ⠀
Should you do intimate gymnastics if you don't have a partner?
YES. Finally, do something for yourself, for your health, so that there is no stagnation in the pelvic organs, no lack of energy, and positive emotions stagnation. To keep you young longer. 

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