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How to arouse her desire for sex with you and How to turn her on


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About Female Arousal course

This course reveals all the secrets to getting your woman turned on and hungrier for sex than ever before! You’ll discover the main steps to making her relaxed and fully aroused and study a plenty of tips and techniques to improve the quality of foreplay and bring the greatest erotic pleasure to your woman.

With this knowledge, you’ll be sure that your partner wants sex with YOU. You’ll always know how to get her in the mood for sex and bring her the most intense, lustful, and mind-blowing orgasms. Cast yourself in the role of your sex life’s director for a more fulfilling sex life!

Sneak peek into Female Arousal course structure

What you'll learn

You’ll learn how to stimulate 5 most sensitive vaginal spots to bring her the maximum amount of pleasure.

You'll enrich your knowledge of a skilled lover with 15+ sexy tricks on how to make her really want you.

You’ll discover 10+ simple and effective ways to play with the clit to provide your partner with fantastic sensations .

You'll review in detail the psychology and biology of female arousal to know for sure how to make your woman relaxed and hyper-aroused.

You'll reveal her natural sexual desires and be able to light a fire inside any woman.

You'll become confident, experienced, and sexy as hell in bed!

Female Arousal course content

1. Course introduction
1.1. Welcome lesson

2. The fundamentals
2.2. Psychology of woman's arousal
2.3. Mood
2.4 How to turn a woman's mind towards sex? What foreplay means for women?

3. Main stages of female arousal
3.5. 5 stages of female arousal
3.6. How not to spoil her mood
3.7. Psychological comfort
3.8. What's the best way to do it: slowly and gently or quickly and passionately?
3.9. Intrigue

4. The biology of female arousal
4.10. Menstrual cycle phases and the female libido
4.11. How long should foreplay take? How exactly does it go?
4.12. Revealing individual erogenous zones

5. The structure of the vagina
5.13. The vagina's anatomy
5.14. Vagina's anterior wall. The G spot
5.15. The A spot
5.16. Vagina's posterior wall. The K spot
5.17. The Pi spot

6. The clitoris
6.18. Clitoris structure. You didn't know this about clitoris
6.19. How to make sense of the clitoris arousal levels
7. The clit play
7.20. Clit play. Cunnilingus
7.21. Clit play. Manual techniques
7.22. Clit play. The basic techniques
7.23. Clit play. The vibrator

8. The secret U spot
8.24. The U spot

9. In summary
9.25. In summary: what she really needs
9.26. In summary: what never to do

10. Course wrap up
10.19. Summary of "How to arouse her desire for sex and how to turn her on"

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