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Anal sex - how to make your partner love it.
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About Anal Sex course

In this course, we’ll show you that anal sex can be a super hot way to provide brand-new sexy fun to both you and your partner! You learn the benefits of unconventional sex, discover the right ways to prepare for anal penetration, physically and psychologically, and learn how to awaken fabulous anal orgasms.

Adding butt play to your sex life let you explore new and exciting avenues of pleasure and provides you with fantastic sensations you’ve never felt before!

Sneak peek into Anal Sex course structure

What you'll learn

You’ll practice 6+ angles and positions to find out what feels super pleasurable for both of you.

You'll learn how to make your partner relaxed and fully aroused and conduct the first penetration properly.

You’ll learn 15 important rules of anal sex to recieve maximum pleasure from penatration.

You'll get a 5-day program for anal orgasm to be turned on to the max and get fabulous sensations.

You'll manage to overcome your fears and prepare your body for accepting anal sex.

You'll experiment with different toys and lubricants to keep a sense of novelty in your sex life.

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Anal Sex course content

1. Course introduction
1.1. Welcome lesson

2. The fundamentals
2.2. Myths and concerns
3. The what. The why. The how.
3.3. Why men want anal sex?
3.4. Benefits of anal sex for women

4. The rules
4.5. The rules of anal sex

5. Removing barriers
5.6. Removing psychological barriers
5.7. Removing physical barriers

6. Anal sex preparation
6.8. Butt plug for anal sex preparation
6.9. Hygiene and diet
6.10. Breathing and muscle relaxation

7. Awakening anal orgasm
7.11. Awakening the K spot and anal foreplay
7.12. A 5-day program for anal orgasm
7.13. Awakening anal orgasm through the "Double Simulation" technique

8. Positions
8.14. Best positions for anal sex

9. Anal sex toys and lubricants
9.15. Anal sex toys
9.16. Lubricants

10. Course wrap up
10.17. First full - on anal sex

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