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Sexfulness is the sex improvement platform to revolutionize the love lives of men, women, and couples.

Across 150+ practical bite-sized videos, we teach everything people need to know to go from mediocre sex to earth-shattering orgasms and perfect relationships!

Our content is created by a team of 12 professional sexperts. We also use toys to demonstrate, so there is no explicit content.

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Why choose Sexfulness Affiliate Program?

  • You'll get ​$30 for every person who clicks on your personalized link and subscribes to our courses
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As an example, our influencers with 10K followers, on average make $2000 per month, which is 40 people subscribing to our courses.



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Our affiliate portal is very transparent. You can see your earnings and the activity of your referrals!

We look forward to working with you in the months to come – and we encourage you to take full advantage of our affiliate program!

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